Keith Ellison & Ilhan Omar: Clear And Present Dangers

Minnesotans shouldn't vote for anyone who fundamentally hates America

This last week was a remarkable one in Minnesota politics: the DFL imploded with the fallout yet to be precisely ascertained, while the MNGOP held a unifying convention endorsing Jeff Johnson for governor, setting the stage for who really controls the party, the grassroots or the donor class. I was going to write about that until I realized it was all process, no real substance (yet), and more of what passes for thoughtful insight on “Almanac” and “At Issue,” more vapidity of inconsequence.

“What’s consequential” I thought? Then it came to me: Minnesota has two CAIR candidates running for office without being labeled as such by our supine, Regressive Left media who have actively enabled their rise and continued political survival. And here we are.


Ellison has made Minnesota a national laughingstock for some time now. Local media never asks him hard questions nor suspects his religious, totalitarian motives. Yes they’re not bright nor particularly well educated but this is insufficient to excuse them. Remember when Ellison was running for Chair of the DNC? David Duke endorsed him. Minnesota media refused to report it although it was a national story.

His history of far left activism and his promotion of Islamism in America have been well documented except by local media, the ones who tell you that without them we wouldn’t even have democracy, wouldn’t be free. To laugh.

Except Ellison is now running to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General and that’s no laughing matter. George Soros has a well funded campaign to capture these offices in many states and Ellison is simply his latest effort.

The DFL has held the office of Attorney General for fifty years. They can be forgiven for thinking it is their birthright but there is no forgiveness for a political party that has allowed this to be the case. Attorney General doesn’t interest the donors and Minnesota Republicans are nothing if not the creatures of their donor class: how else could so many mediocrities make their living in politics here? Spare me their faux principles, their faux conservatism. It was of them that someone once said “conservatism is progressivism going the speed limit.” Thanks for nothing.

Yet even neophyte donors in Tonka Bay have to be alarmed at the prospect of someone as vile and reprehensible as Keith Ellison becoming our next Attorney General. He once said, in his trademark totalitarian way, that “everything is politics.” Except it isn’t and shouldn’t be. That’s North Korea but Ellison is fine with it, so long as, presumably, it’s under a star and crescent flag.

In February of this year, the former member of the Nation of Islam, over which Jew hating demagogue Louis Farrakhan presides, Ellison gave the keynote speech at a CAIR gala in New York. Minnesota media ran no stories. Minnesota media lies to you not only by commission but most especially through omission. Simply put, not only are they not to be trusted, they’re accomplices of the enemy, which in turn makes them the enemy outright. Minnesotans, don’t fool yourselves.

The candidate who can defeat him is Republican endorsed Doug Wardlow. He has a website that you should visit and while there make whatever contribution you can afford. Our schlerotic donor class may yet wake up to the danger–where are you Norm Coleman?–but we can’t rely on them because when it comes down to it, they only care about their economic interests as advanced by the patsies they’ve bought (hi Tim!), as opposed to the rest of us and the lives we’ll lead under an Islamofascist like Keith Ellison. Right now, we’re on our own.


Somalia is perhaps the world’s most failed state, a country of abject poverty, violence, ignorance, clannishness and terrorism, pronounced female genital mutilation, with an abiding devotion to the backward religion of the seventh century. They make the least desirable, least meritorious immigrants yet have been forced upon many Western countries in the name of a self-hating and destructive multiculturalism, which more or less is cultural suicide induced by elites who shame and name call those who have to bear the consequences.

When you object to this obvious insanity and the degradation of your community, you’re told you are the problem. Or, as our clearly mentally unwell Governor nastily put it “find another state.” Actually, Governor Dayton, it should be the other way around for those who do not wish to assimilate and who share no obvious values with us nor particularly love our country.

I’ve referred to Omar as an “Islamist Barbie doll” and she is. She’s the public front of CAIR in Minnesota and now she wants to go to Congress from Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, the one Ellison is vacating so he can abuse the office of Attorney General.

Recently, I confronted Omar with a Jew hating tweet of hers from 2012, when she was a lowly “child-nutrition outreach coordinator” for the Minnesota Department of Education, in which she declared Israel had “hypnotized” the world and prayed to the moon god Allah that the world would awaken to the evilness of that only democracy in the Middle East. True to form, she attacked me, calling me a “hateful, sad man” and defended calling Israel an “apartheid state.”

Who is this pathetic interloper that has the good luck of living in America, let alone is involved in politics, especially Minnesota’s?

Fortunately, a national outlet, The Tablet, picked up on our Twitter exchange and published a thoughtful article, even though I wasn’t mentioned by name, thereby pushing further out my goal of being named a “hater” by the laughable Southern Poverty Law Center.

Minnesota media? They’re not going to republish anything that puts their party in a bad light. We have many battles to fight but local media is foremost among them for their dishonesty.

Caught up in the latest spasm of hatred for America on the Regressive Left, Omar has called for the abolition of ICE. Could the stakes with this dangerous fraud be any higher?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, peace be upon her, said of women in Muslim countries that they are either “pets or slaves.” As for those propped up to be representatives in a country they wish to destroy, I’d say Ilhan Omar is a tool of the Islamists who guide her every action. Because if you think she has any moral agency, you fail to understand hijrah. Look it up.

* * * *

Ellison is a homegrown hater of America, Omar an imported one. Neither are acceptable in public office in a America that wants to remain free. Islam, a close Hindu friend of mine once said, is a virus. When we vote, we can be the cure.

* * * *

In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy. He can be reached at Wbua@nycunarjfza.pbz

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John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter