Klassen: Kanye West is Changing the Face of the Pro-Life Movement

This week Kanye West held his first Presidential rally in South Carolina, and in true Ye form, he rocked the boat. 

Kanye proposed a replacing Plan B with a new Plan A. Plan B is used to terminate a pregnancy within 72 hours of conception. To end this and abortion in general West offered an incentive program – he used the example of paying mothers who give birth a million dollars to dissuade them from abortion. While the logistics of this plan can be debated the way in which West is delivering his Pro-life message is astounding.

Shocking the crowd, he shared his own experiences with abortion. “There would have been no Kanye West”, he cried, as his father wanted him to be aborted. After the tears stopped he also shared that him and his wife Kim Kardashian had debated aborting their oldest daughter North a few years back. His passionate display of emotions while fighting for the right to life for all children was remarkable, and has been making headlines all week. This is not the first time West has ruffled some pro-choice feathers though.

Almost a year ago West discussed abortion in an interview to promote his gospel music album.

He shared that he is not brainwashed like other members of the Black community. From food stamps to incentivizing fatherless homes, to strategically placed abortion facilities, Kanye sees the Democrat Party as the enemy of the Black community. They are exterminating the minority communities by abortion, and Kanye calls them out. He says he found freedom in thinking for himself, and then he was able to realize that “Thous shall not kill” applies to the unborn too! 

Kanye’s political enlightenment has allowed him to share the pro-life message in a widespread manner. If there is one thing he knows how to do, it is making headlines, so now the world is able to hear what the Pro-life community has been saying for years. The average pro-choicer sees the Pro-life people as a bunch of old white men who hate women.

Kanye smashes that stereotype and helps them see past their own false perceptions. He is delivering the Pro-life message to people, whether they like it or not. His celebrity power is helping change the world. People listen to him, so while others debate his sanity or his validity in running for President, Kanye West is doing one thing extremely right: he is not backing down and exposing the truth about abortion.


Grace Klassen