Klobuchar says Senate should be working on stimulus, but voted against COVID-19 relief last month

"We should be doing something else right now. We shouldn’t be doing this."

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During Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, Sen. Amy Klobuchar opened her questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett by reciting statistics on COVID-19 deaths and cases.  

“We should be doing something else right now. We shouldn’t be doing this. We should be passing coronavirus relief like the House just did, which was a significant bill that would have been a big help and I think people have to know that right now — whether you’re Democrat, Independent, or Republican and that’s why I started out yesterday by telling people that they need to vote,” she claimed. 

But factually, Klobuchar led Democrats in blocking coronavirus relief last month, according to Townhall. Just a few weeks ago, the entire Democrat Senate rejected a generous stimulus package put forth by Senate Republicans, The Hill reported

Klobuchar joined Sens. Chris Coons and Cory Booker in filibustering the relief bill, a National Review writer pointed out.

Whether Democrat leadership does not want a bill for ideological reasons in case the bill is viewed as a win for the Trump administration is another topic.

However, this is not Klobuchar’s first commentary on the matter. 

“And you can see here in this room the misplaced priorities of this Republican-run Senate, and it’s in your hands to change it. Are they working to pass a bill to help Americans to get the testing they need to save their lives?” Klobuchar said during her opening statement Monday.

“Are they working to help the moms trying to balance a toddler on their lap while balancing a laptop on their desk? Are they trying to help our seniors, isolated, missing graduations and birthdays? Are they passing the bill the House passed that would help our economy?”


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