Letter: Rosedale Mall advertising “Shop Till You Drag: A Mall Drag Show”

Parents, is this what you want your children exposed to as you walk innocently through a mall?

Shop Till You Drag

First, it was Drag Queen Storytime at the libraries.  Now it is Drag Shows at the mall.  Yes, Rosedale Mall is advertising a “Shop Till You Drag:  A Mall Drag Show” on a Sunday afternoon, May 19, 2019.  

The event, touted for all ages, will have ‘bars placed around the mall, so you can enjoy a cocktail during the show’.  Those who purchase VIP tickets, including children, will have an ‘up close and personal’ Meet and Greet after the show where they can talk to the queens and pose with them for a personal photo. Parents, is this what you want your children exposed to as you walk innocently through a mall?  Exposing children to this ‘entertainment’ is subtle or maybe not so subtle indoctrination and grooming of our children.   

These men call themselves “queens”. Women, this a mockery of women.  These men dressed as women depict the most exaggerated style and behavior of the opposite sex.  It is far from honoring women, it derides us.  Do you want women depicted in this manner?  I certainly do not. Tell your friends and family to avoid the mall that day and send a note to the mall management of your disapproval.  The more complaints they receive, the less likely they will be to host such an event again.

[You can fill out a web form under Connect on the Rosedale website or contact the Vice President/General Manager Lisa Crain at 651-746-5301 or Yvfn.Penva@nz.wyy.pbz and the Director of Marketing and Experience Sarah Fossen at 651-746-5303 or Fnenu.Sbffra@nz.wyy.pbz.]

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Cyndi Lemmon
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