Letter: Trump’s leadership will help safely deliver a vaccine

Donald Trump/Facebook

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented challenges in front of the American people, but thanks to the leadership of our state’s Republican representatives and President Donald Trump, we are standing up for the economy and supporting the health care supply chain so when a vaccine is ready, it can be safely distributed.

Our medical professionals too have complemented our leader’s efforts since the start of the pandemic, ensuring Minnesotans have access to their medications and care. Each facet of our health care sector has been working in overdrive to protect the health of Minnesotans. But this work could not be completed without the help of Minnesota distributors, working behind the scenes to safely deliver medical supplies to pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers across the state. And in these upcoming months, health care distributors will be the key to ensuring Minnesotans across the state have access to the COVID-19 vaccine that President Donald Trump is expediting and working tirelessly to provide for American citizens.

Minnesota’s health care distributors’ adaptability during even the most challenging scenarios has saved lives. In the near future, President Trump and Republicans, including candidate Lacy Johnson, will continue leading and supporting common sense efforts to ensure the effectiveness of medical distributors and our health care supply chain. Their leadership will help safely deliver a vaccine to people in all areas of the state and get Minnesota back in business.

Paul Anderson
Fifth Congressional District Republicans

Alpha News Staff