Liz Collin, Bob Kroll open up on 2020 riots in first joint interview

"The hole is deeper than we ever imagined when it comes to Black Lives Matter and the politicians who stood by it," Owens said of her upcoming documentary.

Liz Collin and Bob Kroll appear on Candace Owens' Daily Wire show this week.

Alpha News journalist Liz Collin and her husband, retired Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Bob Kroll, appeared on “Candace” this week. The show is produced by The Daily Wire and hosted by New York Times best-selling author and conservative commentator Candace Owens.

Collin and Kroll discussed what they endured during the BLM riots after George Floyd’s death.

The episode was a preview to the highly-anticipated documentary expected to be released in the coming weeks, called “The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.”

Owens talked about the human-interest stories that her team wanted to explore in the documentary along with the financial corruption inside Black Lives Matter. She believes people have forgotten that a lot of Americans had their lives destroyed by the media circus following Floyd’s death.

Owens said she was moved by what Collin and Kroll suffered through.

On the show, they talked about the multiple protests at their places of work and home during the summer of 2020. In one high-profile BLM protest, participants, including Rep. John Thompson, beat piñata effigies of Collin and Kroll.

Collin was demoted from the anchor position she held for 12 years at WCCO because of her relationship.

“I’m a Minnesota native. It was the station I grew up watching. It was my dream job. That all changed overnight,” Collin said.

Kroll talked about how the union was made the scapegoat after the failed riot response led by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, and retired Chief Medaria Arradondo.

Days after hundreds of businesses burned and a half a billion dollars in damage was left behind, Arradondo announced he would step away from contract negotiations with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis where Kroll served as president.

City and state leaders, the media, and protesters all tried desperately to tie Kroll’s leadership to Derek Chauvin. He talked with Owens about how the media portrayed Chauvin as a “problem officer” whose job was protected by the union.

“He had 16 complaints against him that were investigated and he was cleared of any wrongdoing. He had two where he received coaching, which is non-disciplinary,” Kroll said. “So the truth is the Federation never even had a role in protecting his job at all through his entire history.”

“The reality is I worked on seven labor agreements over my 25 years on the board. They were signed off by all the elected officials each time and since I’ve retired, they signed off on another labor agreement and it dealt nothing with the discipline arena at all,” he continued.

Liz Collin and Bob Kroll appear on Candace Owens’ Daily Wire show this week.

“So, no changes after Bob and the union are the fall people for all of this,” Collin added.

The department has now lost a third of its police force and has seen skyrocketing crime ever since.

“I cannot imagine how any person would have the proclivity to want to be a police officer,” Owens remarked.

“This wasn’t about right or wrong; it’s about the truth,” Collin said. “Is this really what the right side of history is supposed to look like?”

“The hole is deeper than we ever imagined when it comes to Black Lives Matter and the politicians who stood by it,” Owens said of the upcoming documentary.

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