Mike Lindell says Trump phone leaks are ‘treason’

"It is treason!”

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a likely candidate for Minnesota governor, called the leaking of President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger an act of “treason.”

The leaked call contained a conversation between President Trump and Secretary Raffensperger wherein Trump told the secretary to find 11,780 votes. The conversation quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as Democrats and Republicans both called for legal action.

“Leaking private phone calls with the President of the United States is a national security threat and it should be treated as such,” Republican commentator Charlie Kirk said on Twitter. “Brad Raffensburger should immediately be investigated.”

“It is treason!” Lindell tweeted in response. 

Democrat congressional representatives out of Minnesota also commented on the leaked call.

“This makes the Zelensky call seem like a relative misdemeanor,” U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips wrote on Twitter. “An American president all but demanding that a Sec. of State overturn a certified election result.”

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar also weighed in.

“This is clearly an impeachable offense and I believe there is nothing under the law giving Trump immunity from criminal process and indictment for this conduct,” Omar said on Twitter.

“The law and order party is a farce,” she said. 

Other Democrats took action against the president. The day after the leak, Democrat Reps. Ted Lieu and Kathleen Rice asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to open a criminal probe into the call.

“As members of Congress and former prosecutors, we believe Donald Trump engaged in solicitation of, or conspiracy to commit, a number of election crimes,” said the letter to  Wray, according to NBC News. “We ask you to open an immediate criminal investigation into the president.”



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