Minneapolis Keeps EPA Data

City of Minneapolis Puts EPA Climate Data on City Website

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

MINNEAPOLIS- The city of Minneapolis added EPA climate change data to its website after the removal of this data from the EPA’s website earlier this year.

One of the first changes made to the EPA by the Trump administration was a change on the agency’s position toward human caused climate change (global warming), mostly now stating that the phenomenon doesn’t exist. This caused a wave of backlash from many on the left who have claimed that the agency is now run by ‘climate change deniers.’

The information the Minneapolis city page posted was archived from the EPA’s page under the Obama administration. The city leads into the information with the following:

“The City of Minneapolis wishes to acknowledge and attribute this information to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies for the decades of work that they have done to advance the fight against climate change. While this information may not be readily available on the EPA’s website, in Minneapolis we know climate change is real.”

The statement goes on to talk about the alleged dangers of burning fossil fuels and the effect this will have on the planet’s environment, economy, and ecosystem in the future. It also goes on to state its intention to team up with other cities across the country who are also sharing the data on their city websites. Some of the cities which have joined in this effort are Boston, Atlanta, and Houston.

The posting of climate change data is not the first time Minnesota has made a statement on where some of its politicians stand on climate issues. Last month, after President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, Governor Mark Dayton pledged that Minnesota would continue to honor the terms of that agreement.


Henry Carras