Minnesota Democrat Staffer Who Mocked Military Deletes Twitter But Still Listed As Employee of Minnesota DFL

William Davis

Democrat Farmer Labor Research Director William Davis made news when he called USS Minneapolis-St. Paul a “murder boat”, after receiving outrage and calls for an apology from veterans and concerned voters Davis has deleted his twitter account, which was the platform he used to make his comments.

Davis is no stranger to making offensive statements. Previously made a comment on his social media calling for Republicans to be decapitated. Just like with his latest comments Davis deleted his social media page and put it back up after the controversy died down. He received a 7 days suspension for his comments.

This time Davis once again deleted his Twitter account with no explanation, however, the official website of the DFL still lists him as an active research director.


DFL Chair Ken Martin did tell KSTP that “The tweet that one of our employees sent from his private account was unacceptable,” however it does not seem that Davis was disciplined for his comments.

Below are the screenshots of Davis calling the new US Navy warship a “murder boat”

via Twitter @wilhelm Davis


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