Minnesota May Sees Job Losses in Manufacturing, Construction

Minnesota lost nearly 2,000 jobs over the past month in total, also seeing losses in the construction and manufacturing sectors from April to May 2016.

Seasonally adjusted employment numbers from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Minnesota has seen employees on non-farm payrolls decrease by about 1,900 total jobs (seasonally adjusted) from April to May 2016. This puts Minnesota at 23rd, and one of 27 states that saw losses. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, and New York all saw losses of more than 10,000 jobs, while California and Florida added more than 15,000 in the past month.

Minnesota’s loss of approximately 1,900 construction jobs was the seventh worst performance from April to May. Texas’ loss of 3,400 was the worst, while on the other end New Jersey added 2,900 jobs. 4.18 percent of Minnesota’s jobs are in the construction industry now, which puts it near the middle of the pack at the 30th highest in the United States.

Minnesota’s loss of about 2,300 manufacturing jobs also ranked the state in the bottom ten performances in the country, this time at eighth. Michigan’s loss of about 6,500 manufacturing jobs was the worst, while Florida and North Carolina added about 2,700 each. The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not have data for Alabama’s manufacturing data. Manufacturing currently accounts for 11.95 percent of Minnesota’s jobs, the 12th highest in the nation.

Over 7,000 people dropped out of the Minnesota labor force from April to May 2016. This loss of 0.23 percent of the state’s labor force was the ninth worst performance in the country. Mississippi’s 0.62 percent loss was the worst, while Maine added 0.48 percent for the best performance in the nation.

Anders Koskinen