“Minnesotans for Trump” Spokesperson Matthew Erickson Speaks on Controversial Primary Bid

The fight to be the Republican on the ticket against Democratic candidate Angie Craig in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District is continuing to get more interesting, particularly after Matthew Erickson threw his “Make America Great Again” hat in to the ring.

Republicans endorsed nationally syndicated radio show host Jason Lewis, however challengers Darlene Miller and John Howe chose to stay in the race and primary him. Erickson, who hails from Cottage Grove, says he decided to run because he disagreed with who “party insiders” had chosen to endorse.

Erickson served in the military and as the spokesperson for Minnesotans for Trump. Erickson appears to have even taken on a Trump-esque attitude, doing everything from posting on social media without a filter to attacking his opponents without batting an eye.

When asked how he thought supporting Mr. Trump would play out for him in one of the few states where Trump performed poorly, Erickson explained that “party insiders” are responsible for Trump’s performance in Minnesota and that primary voters are the “real grassroots.”

Some in this battleground district appear to be backing this controversial candidate, according to Erickson his campaign has raised $51,300 in the first few weeks of the campaign.  However, Erickson still has a long way to catch up with the amounts raised by the race’s front runners. The primary for this race is August 9th.

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