Minnesota reports more than 10,000 new breakthrough cases

Breakthrough deaths jumped by 101.


Minnesota reported more than 10,000 new breakthrough COVID-19 cases Monday.

Between Nov. 15 and Nov. 22, breakthrough cases increased by 11,305 from 72,628 to 83,933. Breakthrough deaths jumped by 101 to 620 total breakthrough deaths in that same time period.

The Minnesota Department of Health releases data on breakthrough events just once a week (every Monday). Last Monday there were 72,628 breakthrough cases, 519 deaths, and 3,177 hospitalizations. Now there are 83,933 breakthrough cases, 620 deaths, and 3,638 hospitalizations.

The percentage of fully-vaccinated Minnesotans who have tested positive for the virus now sits at 2.569%, up from 2.245% last week.

State health officials confirmed at a press conference earlier this month that “waning immunity” among the vaccinated, which leads to breakthrough COVID-19 cases, is playing a role in the state’s pandemic surge.

“There is growing consensus, I would say, among state health officials and clinical leaders and research leaders that waning immunity does have something to do with this most recent wave,” said Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm.

The Department of Health reported 4,178 new COVID-19 cases Monday and 37 deaths.


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