Minnesotan Police Officer Recovering After Being Shot

Officer Arik Matson responded to a call and was injured, and now people are responded to a call to help him.

Waseca Police Department
Waseca Police Department

Officer Arik Matson, a Minnesotan police officer who survived a shot to the head during the line of duty, is recovering, with his speech and walking ability becoming stronger.

Photo from the Arik Matson Family GoFundMe page

Officer Matson was answering a call to Waseca, where a convicted felon was robbing two retirees. The felon shot at the officers that responded to the scene and hit Officer Matson in the head.

A Facebook post from the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police says, “Arik was flown to one of the best hospitals in Minnesota for treatment, that treatment, and Arik’s amazing will to survive gets him through the physical therapy everyday to work towards holding his wife and his 2 young daughters.” Officer Matson’s father was also in law enforcement in Albert Lea, MN.

Though he was recieving morale support from other officers coming to his room, the spread of Covid-19 has taken away that possibility. As a response to this, the MN Fratneral Order of Police has asked for videos from other Officers to send to Officer Matson and help encourage him during his recovery. “Please send a video to ZngfbaFgebat@tznvy.pbz Include your name, department and a brief message, the family will use the videos to show Arik throughout his rehab to keep him excited and pushing forward.” The post also requests that people spread the message on, and uses the tag, #MatsonStrong.

Support is not limited to other officers though, there is also a GoFundMe page for the Matson family, and sport teams in MN have set up fundraisers and have showed their support by wearing black and blue.


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