Minnesotans promote ‘My Son Hunter’ movie over highway overpass 

"I just want people to be informed. They can make their own decision," said one woman who helped organize the display. 

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A new movie profiling the life and scandals of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was released last week by Breitbart.

The narrative film, called “My Son Hunter,” has suffered the usual fate of conservative movies with aggressively negative reviews from mainstream outlets.

“The reaction so far is commensurate with a 3,000-screen release with the full weight of a studio behind it,” conservative writer Christian Toto said in an article.

“Why such venom toward an indie movie covering a topic the mainstream media and Big Tech hid during an election cycle? Can’t this story be told, warts and all? Shouldn’t Hollywood, with its wondrous resources and endless talent pool, have told it first?” he added.

The Guardian, for instance, called the movie an “unhinged low-budget drama” for “fringe lunatics.”


Knowing the movie won’t receive any positive coverage from the media, a grassroots group of conservatives is shipping a banner across the country to promote the movie.

That banner made a stop in Lakeland, Minn., Thursday and Hudson, Wis., Friday.

“I just want people to be informed. They can make their own decision,” said one woman who helped organize the display.

Breitbart says the movie “follows the ‘smartest guy’ the President of the United States knows as he navigates a tangled web of prostitution, partying, international business dealings, drugs, sex, Chinese spies, a laptop from Hell, Ukrainian oligarchs, more sex, more drugs, and, of course, his responsibilities to the leader of the free world.”

“I’m very proud — and I know everyone at Breitbart is — to be extending Andrew Breitbart’s legacy,” said Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow. “He of course famously said, ‘Politics is downstream of the culture.’ It is the culture that is really the driving force in American life, and there is no one who executed on that premise more in recent years than the Trump family.”


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