MN Congressmen Lewis and Nolan Forced to Road Trip Home

WASHINGTON – Opposing sides bonded as a thunderstorm and flight cancellations led to two Minnesota congressman, a Republican and Democrat, to take a road trip home for Easter break.

Bad weather left Minnesota Reps. Jason Lewis (R-CD2) and Rick Nolan (D-CD8) stranded in the airport in Washington D.C. They found a flight to Madison, WI then took a road trip to Minnesota together.

According to the Pioneer Press, thunderstorms on Thursday prompted airlines to cancel thousands of flights on the East Coast, including the Delta flight both congressmen were supposed to fly home on. Lewis and Nolan talked while stranded in the airport. On Friday, Nolan’s staff figured out a way to get both men somewhat closer to home – a flight to Madison, WI.  After landing, they rode the rest of the way home with Ellie Heggerston, Nolan’s granddaughter, a student at UW-Madison.

The congressmen posted a Facebook live video from their car trip, chatting about flight cancellations, pizza and world events.

The representatives jokingly complained that the airline bought pizza for stranded passengers after they had left on their trip.

“They didn’t buy us pizza,” Lewis lamented, “They bought the pizza after we left!”

“They thought they were going to appease us with cold pizza,” Nolan exclaimed.

“You know, you’re the Democrat, you’re the one who should have got the free lunch,” Lewis joked.

“Well, exactly!” Nolan agreed.

The banter between the congressmen was friendly and jovial.  Both men agreed that President Donald Trump should have consulted with Congress before striking Syria with missiles.

Referring to the situation in Syria, Lewis said, “All of this nasty stuff that’s happening throughout the world, and we’re stuck in there (the airport) and we want to get home and talk to your constituents.”

“We found some agreement there,” Nolan chimed in, “We both believe that this thing should go before the Congress of the United States.”

Lewis agreed, “Yeah, I do too.  You don’t want to escalate any military venture before congress exercises its Article One powers. So, it’s why we’re there.”

The congressmen took to social media to document their travels, taking photos of their trip together, including dinner with Nolan’s granddaughter, Ellie.

The Pioneer Press reports that Nolan’s granddaughter was planning on driving home on Monday but moved up her trip so she could help her grandfather and Congressman Lewis get home.

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Donna Azarian