MN Democrat State Rep Who is Chair of Public Safety Committee Likes Tweet Calling Police “Trash”

This is not the first anti-law enforcement social media post by Rep. Mariani.


Recently in Minnesota, leftwing protesters called for the death of police officers and even proceeded to throw urine at the police after a peaceful rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Democrat State Representative Aisha Gomez participated in the violent demonstration and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted that she wished she could join.

Ilhan Omar Tweet

The Minneapolis Police Union for their part have begun selling T-shirts that say “Cops for Trump” and Lt. Bob Kroll along with other officers stood behind President Trump and participated in the peaceful Pro-Trump assembly.

Former CNN journalist and now left-wing commentator Soledad O’Brien went on to call the police officers and supporters of President Trump standing behind President Trump “Trash”

After getting criticized for her comments O’Brian doubled down and called the police officers and supporters “sorry excuse for human beings”

The Democrat Chair of the Public Safety Committee Rep. Carlos Mariani liked the comment on twitter.

This is not the first anti-law enforcement social media post by Rep. Mariani. He has often tweeted a conspiracy theory that the police enforcing immigration laws are part of a “police state” and that immigration enforcement is racist.

Recently a leftwing terrorist radicalized by the conspiracy theory that ICE and police are part of the large police state program to create “concentration camps” conducted a terror attack on a government facility using a rifle and explosive devices.


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