Video Exclusive: Minneapolis Hard Times Cafe Doesn’t Welcome Trump Supporters

Minneapolis Trump Rally ANTIFA
Hard Times Cafe discriminates against Trump supporters.

All are welcome – except those who have different political views and support President Trump. (Video below.) On the day of President Trump’s visit to Minneapolis, three women in MAGA hats and cops for Trump t-shirts were denied services by Hardtimes Cafe. The Trump supporters were repeatedly called ‘terrorists’ and told they ‘kill’ people.

The ladies had been in the area protesting at Mayor Frey’s office ahead of the rally, looking for a bite to eat and use the restroom. However, little did they know that the establishment they walked into held anti-Trump hatred and intolerance.

Jennifer Underwood immediately began recording when a woman behind the counter shook her head and stated, “I’m afraid” as she approached with their two friends.

“As soon as we walked in, just looking for something small to eat, a blonde woman shook her head and said she didn’t feel safe and that she was afraid,” said Underwood, a real estate agent, and Minneapolis Trump rally attendee.

“I turned around thinking there were some scary looking people behind us or robbers but when I saw no one I was confused,” Underwood continued.

The three women were repeatedly called “terrorists” by the employees and pushed out of the establishment without any further explanation.

Another perspective was caught on camera from Jennifer Kearney Pettito who is the woman seen in Underwood’s video. At one point, the blonde woman who claims to be the owner slaps away at Pettio’s phone in an attempt to knock it out of her hand.

Underwood’s video also captures a t-shirt hanging on a wall inside the establishment that read’s: Fuck Trump.

Below the shirt, ironically, the password for the cafe’s wi-fi is: respect.

Both women have posted their videos to social media but have since been inducted with comments from anti-Trump supporters and those supportive of Hardtimes Cafe’s actions.

In a Facebook post, Naomi Leiniger calls out Underwood as a “nazi” and states that “Wearing Trump fear is terrorism, it is designed to insight fear and terror.”

ANITFA Minneapolis Trump Rally
Angry anti-Trump supporter calls out Jennifer in a Facebook post.

Individuals also visited Underwood’s real estate Facebook page to leave negative comments and bad reviews.

Underwood says two other restaurants refused to welcome the ladies but at least did it politely and respectfully, unlike the Hard Times Cafe.

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