Multiple MN Cities Make Masks Mandatory, Walz Considers Statewide Requirement

"I oftentimes say everything is on the table. That one’s coming up."

Photo by Anna Shvets
Photo by Anna Shvets

Rochester and Edina have implemented forms of mask-wearing mandates, and Governor Walz has not ruled out the possibility for statewide regulation.

While Rochester, Edina, and the University of Minnesota have all decided on various requirements, Mankato’s City Council will vote on whether to do the same. While in Rochester the requirement is currently limited to city facilities, the mayor is open to widening the ruling. Governor Walz is also open to increasing regulations.

“… and our administration has been very clear about this, I oftentimes say everything is on the table. That one’s coming up,” said Walz on Monday. “It has become much more of a political or an ideological decision than it is a scientific decision to wear the mask.”

Walz also cited that businesses have encouraged the mandate, “And I hear from businesses, the businesses seem to think if the state mandated it just makes it easier on them. They don’t have to get into a fight with the customer at the door.”

The University has ruled that masks must be worn in all public spaces, and Mankato has done so for government facilities and indoor spaces wear distancing is difficult. None of these places are the first to enforce mask-wearing.

The support for a city-wide mandate still resides in Rochester, and Mayor Norton has previously stated that if people became “too lax” with masks she would require them for all indoor public spaces, according to Med City Beat.

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