New Brighton Liberal Activist Mayor Charged With DWI

New Brighton Mayor Val Johnson Became Famous For Her Rants On "White Privilege"

Via Ramsey County

New Brighton Mayor Val Johnson became a viral internet sensation in 2017 for her aggressive rant against fellow colleagues because they would not acknowledge their “white privilege”

Now Mayor Johnson is back in the news for being pulled over while having twice the legal alcohol limit. Johnson was giving a sobriety test which she failed. The officer noted her slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes before giving her a preliminary breath test.

In addition to being charged with DWI, she was charged for having expired license tabs.

Johnson said she is ready to accept the consequences but is not resigning her position telling the council “I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions, and I intend to take steps to ensure that I never make this mistake again,” Johnson said at the council meeting.


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