Oldest Basilica in the US Damaged In Minneapolis Riots

“Our damage in comparison to what is going in the city is really just minimal, and we’d really like to focus on that

Saint Mary’s Basilica in Minneapolis was one of the first religious buildings to receive damage from the riots related to George Floyd’s death.

On Thursday, May 28th, the Historic Basilica sustained fire damage from rioters. Mae Desaire, communications director of the basilica, said the church is currently working with insurance to resolve the matter and start repairs. While the repairs are being assessed, the Church’s security personnel are working with local police to investigate the crime.

“The Basilica of Saint Mary did withstand minor damage Thursday night. No one was injured in the incident. At this time we pray for peace and healing in our city,” wrote Mae Desaire.

The members of the church held a livestream of prayer for “justice and peace” on Sunday night. This is the first time that the church has received damage from people since its creation in 1914.

The building is part of the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It was added for three reasons, excellent architecture, and engineering design, it’s the first Basilica created in America, and the Basilica is a “…testimonial to the religious movements and their roles in the development of Minnesota’s heritage.”

Judah Torgerud
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