Omar, McCollum hope to make July ‘Muslim American Heritage Month’

July is already designated French-American Heritage Month, since the French supported the American Revolution.

Left: Rep. Ilhan Omar (Gage Skidmore/Flickr). Right: Rep. Betty McCollum (USDA/Flickr)

Rep. Ilhan Omar and her cadre finished a busy month of sleeping on the U.S. Capitol steps and pushing socialism with a resolution to make July “Muslim American Heritage Month.”

About a dozen congressional Democrats, including Omar’s Twin Cities colleague, Rep. Betty McCollum, joined the proposal.

“As we continue to see an uptick in anti-Muslim hate, it is important we recognize the resiliency and accomplishments of Muslim Americans with a formal resolution,” Omar claimed, without evidence of said hatred.

“Muslim-Americans have played a major role in shaping our nation for centuries,” Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, who is Muslim, said. “Designating July as Muslim-American Heritage Month is a wonderful opportunity to honor the trailblazers who came before us.”

“I’m proud to join my House colleagues in introducing this legislation to acknowledge and appreciate the numerous contributions and achievements of Muslim Americans — both throughout history and today,” California Rep. Karen Bass proclaimed.

None of the Democrats specifically explained these “numerous contributions and achievements,” other than Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison becoming the “first Muslim-American to serve in Congress” 15 years ago and Syrian immigrant Ernest Hamwi’s alleged invention of the ice cream cone.

The cone was actually invented and patented by an Italian immigrant. Also, Hamwi was Christian, not Muslim.

“Muslim American Heritage Month will be yet another blow to national cohesion, and yet another opportunity for Leftists to barrage us with anti-American propaganda under the guise of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’ No wonder the likes of Omar and Tlaib are so enthusiastic about the idea,” Robert Spencer closed a column on the topic last week.

The role Muslims have played in “shaping our nation for centuries” is simply lacking. There were no Muslim politicians for centuries because there was almost no Muslim presence during the crucial portions of our country’s emergence.

The anti-slavery movement arose via pious Christians, while most Muslim countries abolished slavery far later, and only due to Western pressure. Had Muslims in antebellum America abided by Islamic tenets, they would have been pro-slavery. In fact, enslavement of Africans in Muslim nations still exists en masse today, which somehow eludes the 1619 Project radicals, Democrat representatives, and our partisan media.

Bass, Carson, McCollum, Omar and Tlaib are also hijacking “Disability Pride Month.” They cannot move Muslim Heritage Month to June, because that’s already Gay Pride Month. And when Islam and homosexuals meet, the latter tend to get stoned or tossed off buildings. Ignoring this, Tlaib also introduced a resolution last year to make April “Arab Heritage Month,” which would displace Scottish American Heritage Month.

July is already designated French-American Heritage Month, since the French supported the American Revolution.

“July means fireworks, barbeques, and patriotism. The only heritage month we truly need is the heritage of our freedom from all tyrannies,” Daniel Greenfield wrote Sunday. “Including the one American soldiers were fighting from the ‘shores of Tripoli’ in the First Barbary War of 1801 to the one that they are still fighting today against terror in our homeland.”


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