Parents speak out at school board meeting, call BLM ‘toxic,’ ‘poisonous’

“We’re here today to represent the millions of black Americans who disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement,” one parent said.

Parents speak out at Lakeville School Board meeting May 25 (Screenshot/

Parents concerned about political views being expressed in the classroom spoke out at a school board meeting this week, calling Black Lives Matter rhetoric “poisonous” and “toxic.”

A husband and wife spoke during a public comment section at a Lakeville School Board meeting on Tuesday to share their unease with Black Lives Matter propaganda being promoted in Lakeville schools.

“We’re here today to represent the millions of black Americans who disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement,” one parent said.

“As a taxpayer, I do not want to see this agenda, this indoctrination pushed on my four children,” he continued, saying that his Christian views do not align with BLM’s beliefs. Most people have not visited the organization’s website and aren’t aware of what it advocates for, the parent said.

Black Lives Matter supports a “queer-affirming network,” the parent shared, citing the group’s website. “This is America. You can be who you want to be, you can love you want to love, but that indoctrination, that teaching should not be forced on everyone.”

He said BLM endorses “disrupting” the nuclear family. The parent said this is problematic because “in most black communities, the father is not there. That’s why we’re seeing so many issues and so many problems.”

Black Lives Matter, according to the parent, has also said its leaders “are trained Marxists.”

This kind of rhetoric has led to violence and killings, like in the Dallas case in 2016, in which a man killed five police officers. The suspect said he was concerned about black lives, was upset by white people — particularly white cops — and wanted to kill them.

“This is poisonous. This is toxic. We cannot allow this to continue. I know it’s going on in mainstream media, I know it’s going on in sports, but we cannot allow this to continue,” the parent said.

He and his wife also shared some of their own beliefs by showing yard signs displayed at their home: “God created science,” “Unborn lives are lives,” “Biology is real,” and “Truth is everything” are just a few of the phrases they highlighted.

They held signs throughout their presentation that said, “Stop teaching hate! Start teaching love!” and Martin Luther King Jr.’s words: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Other concerned citizens spoke out at the meeting, several about masks in school, including a fourth-grade student who slammed the mask mandate and “promise-breaker Biden” in her comments.


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