Poll data shows U.S. Senate race in Minnesota is now a ‘toss up’

Poll data suggests that Minnesota may elect Republican Jason Lewis to the US Senate, and that the state remains a presidential battleground.

Image sources: Twitter/Tina Smith, Jason Lewis

Polling data suggests that Minnesota may elect a Republican to fill one of its U.S. Senate seats as the 2020 election draws closer.

The race for U.S. Senate between incumbent Democrat Sen. Tina Smith and Republican challenger Jason Lewis is a “toss up,” according to poll analysis from Real Clear Politics.

The outlet declared the race a toss up based on recent polling data collected by Emerson Polling.

“In the race for U.S. Senate, the Democratic incumbent Sen. Tina Smith leads … with a 3 point lead of 48% to 45% over … Jason Lewis. Seven-percent (7%) of voters are still undecided,” according to Emerson.

“We’re neck and neck with our anti-law enforcement and anti-Trump opponent,” Lewis said via Twitter on Sunday, commenting on the new data.

Lewis, a former U.S. representative, also challenged Smith to a series of debates “Kennedy-Goldwater style.”

“Before his tragic assassination in 1963, Democratic President John F. Kennedy and his former colleague and friend who was the likely 1964 GOP residential nominee, Sen. Barry Goldwater, reached an agreement to hold a series of debates around the county in the lead-up to the November 1964 presidential election,” Lewis said in a press release.

He said an equal number of tickets would be distributed to each campaign and no moderator would be present, like Kennedy and Goldwater did.

“In the spirit of two great leaders from two very different walks of life coming together to agree that partisanship was secondary to the American people’s need to hear from their would-be leaders, I hereby propose Sen. Tina Smith and I conduct no fewer than five in-person Kennedy/Goldwater style debates between now and Election Day,” he added.

Lewis and Smith already met at a virtual debate in early August, but have not yet had a public in-person debate during this election cycle.

Meanwhile, two polls both show that the presidential race is heavily contested in Minnesota as well.

One of the polls is from Emerson and reveals that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds only a 3% lead in the state — a figure that falls within the poll’s margin of error.

Image source: Emerson College media release

Another, slightly newer, poll from the Trafalgar Group reports similar findings.

Image source: Twitter/Trafalgar Group


Kyle Hooten

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