Punished for speaking out, Rochester counselor now running for school board

Saying it is "a privilege to be fired for standing for truth and integrity," Barton has announced she is running for Rochester School Board.

Christina Barton has taken her fight public, speaking out at a recent school board meeting and listening session. (Alpha News)

Christina Barton, a counselor with Rochester Public Schools (RPS) who has faced retaliation for opposing left-wing gender ideology, is officially running to be a member of the Rochester School Board.

In April, Barton spoke to Alpha News about Rochester Public Schools’ embrace of left-wing gender ideology. Specifically, Barton said the district implemented “administrative guidelines” relating to transgenderism without informing parents. Barton became concerned that the failure to alert the public to these guidelines would result in parents not receiving important information about their children’s activities in school.

Earlier this year, Barton raised her concerns with the RPS School Board and began speaking out about the situation.

“I am often times teaching my son and students that standing for truth and integrity are the principles that matter most in life, and if you don’t have those, then nothing else matters,” Barton told Alpha News.

Since speaking out, Barton has been kicked out of her union and the school board voted against renewing her contract. Saying it is “a privilege to be fired for standing for truth and integrity,” Barton has announced she is running for Rochester School Board.

On Wednesday, RPS released a statement addressing the situation.

Citing Minnesota privacy law, Rochester Public Schools said it cannot share the reasons it chose not to renew Barton’s contract. However, the district appeared to disagree with the idea that Barton’s contract was not renewed because she spoke out. RPS described a media statement asserting as much to be “inaccurate” and “not attributed to a specific source.”

“Neither the District’s administration nor the School Board made such a statement,” RPS added. The district went on to reiterate that it cannot make any further comment about the reasons for Barton’s non-renewal.

At this year’s regularly scheduled November general election, three at-large seats on the Rochester School Board will be open. The top three finishers in that election will take the seats.


Luke Sprinkel

Luke Sprinkel previously worked as a Legislative Assistant at the Minnesota House of Representatives. He grew up as a Missionary Kid (MK) living in England, Thailand, Tanzania, and the Middle East. Luke graduated from Regent University in 2018.