Rep. Ron Kresha Attacks Conservative Rep. Jeremy Munson

“Rep. Kresha should focus more on representing the folks of Little Falls and district 9B, rather than representing the interests of big pharma."

Ron Kresha

A small fight inside the ranks of Minnesota House Republicans broke out after Rep Ron Kresha (Little Falls) criticized Rep Jeremy Munson in a recent press release. Munson created a video that showed emergency insulin can be purchased for only $25 at Wal-Mart without a prescription. His video was in response to calls at the Capitol by Republicans and Democrats to use taxpayer money to provide people insulin.

Kresha wrote “Munson’s recent video encouraging people in need of insulin to go to Walmart was reckless and minimized the seriousness of the situation in which many family find themselves.” He further stated “House Republicans do not support this reckless advice, Representative Munson is not a member of the House Republican Caucus and does not speak for House Republicans. Furthermore, he is not a doctor and it was wrong of him to attempt to give medical advice.”

Kresha ranks as the most liberal voting member of the Minnesota House Republicans and is part of the leadership team of the Old House Republican Caucus run by Rep Kurt Daudt.

Last year, four conservatives broke off the old caucus to form the New House Republican Caucus, which included Munson. Many view that move as a response to the old caucus becoming more liberal and constantly voting to grow government.

The New House Republican Caucus leader came to Munson’s defense in a press release shared on the group’s facebook page. Rep Steve Drazkowski wrote “contrary to yesterday’s false statements from Rep Ron Kresha, Rep Jeremy Munson has never offered medical advice to anyone. In his video, Rep Jeremy Munson simply demonstrated that affordable insulin options exist.”

Taking a shot at the more liberal Kresha, Drazkowski wrote “Rep. Kresha should focus more on representing the folks of Little Falls and district 9B, rather than representing the interests of big pharma. Big insulin already hired their Minnesota lobbyist, who only last year worked for Rep. Kresha and the House Republican Caucus. Rep. Kresha should get on his snorkel and swim fins and help Rep. Munson drain the swamp, rather than help big pharma fill it up.”

Both Drazkowki and Munson are advocating for free-market solutions in healthcare. The Republican Senate last week unveiled a plan that would force insulin manufacturers to provide insulin to Minnesotans who can’t afford the medicine. 


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