Reports of Election Day Mayhem in Battleground States

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Various reports of Election Day mayhem have been popping up in battleground states.

Voting machines in Pennsylvania were registering Republicans votes as Democratic votes, officials say, according to Breitbart.

The error, which occurred in the crucial must-win state occurred due to a calibration issue in Lebanon County’s voting machines where 5 of 270 machines in the county malfunctioned.

Voters were able to correct the ballot errors before officially filing them. Lebanon County Election Director Michael Anderson said that no one reported their votes were incorrectly cast and that the problem was fixed.

In Clinton Township in Pennsylvania, The Drudge Report Facebook page reported that voters saw their voting machines switch their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton before their very eyes.  One voter said that they went back and pressed “Trump” three times and each time, the vote defaulted back to “Hillary Clinton.”

Breitbart reports that voting machine glitches also occurred in Utah where poll workers had to use paper ballots because machines in Washington County were experiencing a “programming problem.”

A Houston, Texas-area polling station computer malfunctioned and voters had to be sent to another polling station two miles away.

In the key battleground state of Florida, tempers flared up in a state where 29 electoral votes up for grabs are a must-win for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Breitbart reports that two poll watchers were fired at the  Broward County voting station after a reported altercation.

Police were dispatched after reports of voter intimidation by two poll watchers.  One was Republican and the other was a Democrat.  When the situation escalated to a dispute between the two poll watchers, the Supervisor of Elections fired the two clerks on the spot.  One of the clerks, David Booth, a republican told NBC 6 Miami that he was one of two clerks fired and told to leave the premises.  According to Booth, there were allegations poll watchers were overstepping their boundaries inside the polling location and involved in voter intimidation.  Two other clerks were brought in immediately to replace the two fired clerks.

In Jupiter, Florida, Breitbart reports that a woman claims that a Hillary Clinton supporter attacked her at a polling location.  The woman, a Trump supporter, says she was attacked while handing out pamphlets in support of Donald Trump when a man who is a Hillary Clinton supporter walked by and exchanged words with her.  The woman said that a conflict escalated when the man charged after her and put his hand on her shoulder.  The woman told the man that she was going to pepper spray him and then he got into her face and started screaming and punching her.


Donna Azarian