Saving on Healthcare by Ditching Insurance?

With the costs of health insurance premiums skyrocketing, many Americans are looking for another option.  Minnesota’s own Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom may have found a solution.

President and Co-Founder of the Council Twila Brase says The Wedge connects patients to doctors who work without insurance.  Brase says because the doctors don’t have to deal with the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations from signing contracts with insurers and the government, that the health care actually becomes more affordable, stating, “It’s cash, check, or charge, there is no interference from insurers, there’s no interference from the government.  They do not have to report, they don’t have to have check lists, they don’t have to have billers, and coders, and contracts, and all of that kind of stuff that makes healthcare more expensive.”

Doctor Doug Smith, who in addition to working in family practice for 26 years and co-founding the Minute Clinic and Tele-Medicine, uses The Wedge to get connected with patients seeking health freedom.  Dr. Smith tells Alpha News this system of direct patient-doctor healthcare makes his clinic not only more “patient-centered” but more affordable as well, saying his clinic can offer treatments, “less expensive than my colleagues for the same services.”

Brase says doctors often make deals directly with labs and clinics to lower costs, and put the costs for services directly on their websites.  Patients and doctors can learn more about The Wedge at

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