A whistleblower from the Somali community details the threats he is getting from supporters of Ilhan Omar.

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This post is a follow up to the previous post “A message from Abdi Nur” Abdi was the original whistleblower who came forward with evidence that Ilhan Omar commited marriage fraud



The Ilhan Omar-inspired reign of terror continues in Minneapolis. Today my friend Abdi Osman Nur pleads for help as the news blackout continues. I am posting this at Abdi’s request on the understanding that the video is “dangerous to my LIFE,” as he explains below:

To all my supporters and all the American people, I am requesting you to please report this video. The person who made this video has threatened my life and safety. Her name is Malyun Ali, an American citizen currently living in Kenya. She is telling her followers to do something about Abdihakim Osman aka Xerta Shekh [in] defense of Ilhan Omar. She is supporting Ilhan Omar and threatening me for exposing her.

Malyun Ali is a cyber bully and she specified that male clan members should do something to me or else. I’m extremely concerned for my safety. Please report this video and I will be sending it to the authorities for cyber bullying. I will be informing my attorney who previously spoke to YouTube. I will be forwarding it to the FBI and all safety offices in Hennepin County. Please do your part and take this video down. REPORT this threatening video.

Thank you.



Scott Johnson serves on the board of Alpha News and writes at powerline blog.

Scott Johnson

Scott W. Johnson is a Minneapolis attorney who writes for Power Line and serves on the board of Alpha News.