St Paul Business Owners Say “NO!” to 7th St Light Rail

Dozens of business owners in St. Paul are speaking out against a light rail addition to West 7th St, placing signs in their windows urging patrons to sign a petition against the additional mass transit.

The local business owners fear growing crime rates (which are proven along light rail routes), loss of parking for customers, and loss of revenue.  Jeff McAllister, Owner of Music Go Round on West 7th St, says business owners “would lose business” as a result of these factors.

Several of the local owners say they feel they are not involved enough in the decision making process.  President of the West 7th Business Association Kent Pettersen says that Ramsey County has had trouble “moving the ball forward in terms of information and decision making,” going on to say, “we’re asking them questions and haven’t really been getting answers.”

Alpha News has reached out to local lawmakers Senator Sandy Pappas (DFL) and Representative Carlos Mariani and have yet to receive comment.  Subscribe to Alpha News as we continue to track the development of light rail along 7th St in St. Paul.


Julia Erynn