Star Tribune Media Bias? Trump Visits Troops in Iraq

WSJ deserved credit for covering President Trump visit to the troops fairly.

Sometimes media bias is treating some politicians differently than others.  It’s typical for Star Tribune to write “puff” pieces on Minnesota Democrats. The Star Tribune continued this tradition by printing a front page story on Democrat Ilhan Omar that looks like a generous in-kind donation to a candidate.

President Donald Trump is not a Democrat and does not enjoy the “fair”
coverage from Minnesota media. The media spent time gleefully setting the narrative that President Trump does not care about the troops. Without checking the facts Yahoo News, Newsweek, MSNBC, and others were sharing stories about how Trump “chose” not to spend time with our troops serving overseas.

The fact is that President Trump did visit our troops and the soldiers gave him a positive greeting. Wall Street Journal deserves credit for running a story above the fold with a large picture correcting the narrative.  In contrast, Star Tribune printed a tiny story with no photos and placing the story below the fold.

In its online version, the paper ran a lazy headline from Associated Press that  “Trump finally hews to ritual of meeting troops in harm’s way”

While we are not optimistic, we hope in 2019 the media will make an effort to present the facts and news without a leftwing agenda.


Alpha News Staff