Minnesota Job Creators Struggle Under Left Wing Policies in the Metro

"If I didn't own my building, I'd be gone already," said Huffman, longtime owner-operator of the Grand Ole Creamery and Grand Pizza


As legislators get ready to begin another legislative session there is a push to enact liberal policies similar to the ones enacted by far left politicians of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

However, the job creators, especially the small business community in those cities are not happy with the growth of government, new regulations, and large tax increases that come with liberal policies.

Gary Huffman is a board member with the Grand Avenue Business Association and the owner of the famous Grand Ole Creamery and Grand Pizza. He recently told KARE11 “We are seeing a reduced number of memberships, and it’s obvious people are fed up.”

Mike Schumann who owns Traditions Furniture in St. Paul shares the frustration. “Lately, the attitude of the city has shifted from offering a helping hand,” said Schumann, who said he feels micromanaged by local government.

Some metro businesses including Garden of Eden bath and body store are closing their stores and moving to online only.

Downtown Minneapolis has not been immune to the anti-business climate. Most recent Prime 6 has closed its prime City Center location

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