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‘Trapped!’ episode two out now: The proven failures of restorative justice

In schools across the state and nation, expectations have plummeted. Students are no longer disciplined, and their disrespectful and violent behavior is not addressed,...

‘Trapped!’ episode one out now

Harding High School’s 15-year-old stabbing victim was a visible sign of the decay in Minnesota public schools. Devin Scott, who was stabbed to death in...

Coming soon: New podcast series on Minnesota schools

A gripping new podcast series on Minnesota schools will be released Thursday, April 20, on Alpha News. In “Trapped!: Chaos in the Classroom,” Alpha News...

Alyssa Ahlgren Podcast: Be Careful What You Wish For

Alyssa Ahlgren Defends Free Speech. Based on her article: A Free Society Is Never Zero Cost Download and subscribe to Alyssa Ahlgren: Be a Voice