The St. Cloud Times Shills For Refugee Resettlement

Thanks and congratulations to Gerald Keiser of Saint Cloud who submitted this week’s winner of Alpha News’ weekly media bias contest. He directed my attention to an article published by the St. Cloud Times that was so mindlessly pro forced refugee resettlement that it could have been written by one of the organizations that, until recently, made money hand over fist dumping the Third World onto hapless communities across America and then walking away.

Saint Cloud has been disfigured and in many ways ruined by refugee resettlement. The beneficiaries of these programs have little to offer the community, are welfare dependent and proudly seek not to integrate into America but to replicate the cultural conditions of their failed, backward cultures. In the teeth of this, local residents are told by the Regressive Left that it is they who have to change, not the newly arrived.

The St. Cloud Times piece highlights one of those “interfaith” groups which is simply religious cover for liberal activism. One of the liberal professors organizing the sadness-fest is quoted as saying “The main emphasis will be on ‘Welcoming the stranger.’ That’s a biblical phrase. We picked that right up from the Bible.”

Garsh: right from the Bible, you rubes. This means you can’t object when your children are bullied by feral Somali youth so that they can’t go to the playgrounds they previously enjoyed for years. Rest assured local and state media won’t give any coverage to the downsides of people who have nothing in common being given free reign to behave in any way they like. The professional racers will cry “racism.”

Oddly enough, I wouldn’t expect these organizers to get favorable coverage if they prominently promoted say, oh, Leviticus when supporting traditional marriage. No, their biblical acumen ceases when any sort of actual morality is involved. It’s a sham and everyone knows it, including themselves.

The Dalia Lama this week said that “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and that refugees ought to go back to their home countries and rebuild. From all we’ve heard about their vibrancy, this should be an easy task. He’s right, of course, but such honesty has thrown the Left. Still, it’s not beyond the realm of the possible that the Southern Poverty Law Center could put him on their laughable list of haters, a personal goal that still eludes me.

Please keep your submissions of media bias coming. I’m especially grateful to Alpha News readers who point out coverage outside the metro area. I do my best to pay attention to the rest of Minnesota but there’s no substitute for sharp eyed readers monitoring their local communities. Click on the banner ad to learn how to submit your nomination.

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter