Tom Emmer Wins Republican House Leadership Position

Republicans in the House of Representatives have elected a new member to lead their campaign committee — Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer.

Emmer was elected Wednesday to be the next chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC). Emmer, a third term congressman from Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, will be leading his party’s charge to retake the House in 2020.

Outgoing NRCC Chairman Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers congratulated Emmer on his new leadership position, saying that he is the “right man” to take back the majority.

“Congratulations to the incoming NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer,” said Stivers. “Tom served us ably this cycle as a Deputy Chair and leading our record-breaking March Dinner. He’s the right man to lead this committee and take us back to the majority in 2020.”

The NRCC is deeply involved in the election process — the campaign committee plays a role not only in fundraising but in recruiting candidates and helping to develop campaign strategies.

In an interview with Roll Call, Emmer said winning back the majority will be a team effort with “everybody grabbing a hold of the rope and pulling the team across the line.”

“I think I’m in a position to commit to the team. And it doesn’t really matter. I think everybody’s going to be doing the work,” Emmer told Roll Call. “This is about everybody grabbing a hold of the rope and pulling the team across the line in 24 months.”

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is retiring in January, released a statement Wednesday congratulating the new Republican leadership.

“We have a new role and a new mission in the House, and this group is well-equipped to meet the challenge,” Ryan said. “I know they will defend the significant policy achievements of the last two years, find areas of common ground where possible, and draw a stark contrast with the new liberal majority. This team has the experience, skill, and steadiness to guide us back to the majority, and I congratulate them all on their new positions.”

Christine Bauman