“Trump Ducks”: Illegal Coordination Between Clinton Campaign, DNC and PACs

Were Minnesota Democrat Party leaders aware of the coordination between Democracy Partners, Americans United for Change, the DNC and Clinton campaign to pay violence-inciting protesters?

James O’Keefe, President and founder of Project Veritas Action – the group responsible for releasing videos last week showing democrat operatives working with the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign to pay protesters to incite violence at Trump and GOP rallies and planning massive voter fraud schemes –  has released another damning video (above) showing more illegal campaign collusion between Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, Americans United for Change and the consultant group, Democracy Partners (which also lists the Minnesota Democrat Party and Congressmen Keith Ellison and Tim Walz as clients on its website).


In the latest video, O’Keefe explains that the “Trump Ducks” character (seen at many Trump-Pence events around the country, including the Minneapolis Trump fundraiser in August) was an idea that the Clinton team, Democracy Partners and Americans United for Change conceptualized and Clinton “wanted.”  “Trump Ducks” is an example of “illegal campaign expenditures” because, according to Federal Election law experts, “the Ducks on the ground are likely public communications for purposes of the law its political activity opposing Trump paid for by Americans United for change funds but controlled by Clinton and her campaign.”

In the video, Bob Creamer, President of Democracy Partners (a felon convicted of a $2.3 million bank fraud, and who has visited the White House 340 times, 45 of those visits were with President Obama), explains that the Donald Duck character was something that “the future president of the United States, Hillary Clinton” wanted at Trump and Pence events.  It is also shown that the group, Americans United for Change along with the DNC were coordinating with the Clinton campaign and Democracy Partners on the placement of the “Duck” at events and coordinating with protesters to play “duck calls” ringtones at a set time at the events.


As Alpha News reported last week, the protesters at the August Trump fundraising event in Minneapolis seems to have connections to Democracy Partners and Americans United for Change.  The presence of a “Trump Ducks” mascot at that event (see photo) further confirms suspicion of collusion between the protesters, DFL leadership and the DNC along with AUC and Democracy Partners.

Credit: Pioneer Press, Jaime DeLage
Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee members hold anti-Trump banner at August Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis that turned violent. Credit: Pioneer Press, Jaime DeLage

After the first O’Keefe video showing that the DNC, AUC, Democracy Partners and Clinton campaign paying protesters to get violent at Trump campaigns, Minnesota Republican Party Keith Downey released a statement questioning Ken Martin and other Minnesota DFL party leaders’ about their party’s connection to the groups in the video and if those groups were also paid to become violent at the August event:

“It is extremely disturbing to learn that the Clinton campaign actually coordinated with Democrat operatives to instigate conflict and physical violence at Republican events for political purposes. The fact that they have trained agitators in Minneapolis raises the question again whether Minnesota Clinton team members Mayor Betsy Hodges and Democrat Chairman Ken Martin were aware of these tactics and also whether these groups were behind the violence at the Trump fundraising event at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  As an insider on the Clinton campaign, Ken Martin must denounce these underhanded and dangerous political tactics and assure Minnesotans that he will not be bringing these Democrat groups and their violence to Minnesota.  And Betsy Hodges needs to share with the public the results of the internal review promised in the City’s response to the incident at the Trump event.”

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Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle is a former writer for Alpha News.