Police and Media Silent in Wake of Brutal Attacks on Trump Supporters

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Two days have passed since the private fundraiser held for Donald Trump at the Minneapolis Convention Center and stories are still trickling in about the events of the night.

As Alpha News reported, Donald Trump never made a public appearance in Minneapolis but showed up to a quiet and private event at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Friday night.  However, that did not stop protesters from showing up by the dozens to show their displeasure with the Republican-endorsed candidate.

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Trump supporters and donors were met with verbal and physical violence as they tried to enter and exit the private event.

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Matt Erickson, a former CD2 Congressional Candidate, was physically attacked at the event. In an interview with Alpha News, Erickson said that he was physically assaulted by a group of anti-Trump protesters while he tried to defend a female Trump supporter.
Video Source: Mateo Matt Erickson

Erickson states that “his phone was stolen from him and another protester sucker punched Matt in the back of the head.” He was later trapped against a building as he was attacked by four protesters.

Overall, Erickson says that he has “bruised ribs, lumps on the head, and a gash on the forehead.” Erickson states that the lack of police presence and their willingness to do nothing was the main factor.

He said that he saw “a group of cops on bikes about a block away from all activity […] and only saw 2 cops on site with maybe 4 squads total.”

Image Credit: Jim Taylor
Image Credit: Jim Taylor

The founder of the Black Man Stand Up Movement (BMSU) contacted Alpha News claiming responsibility for the attack on Matt Erickson. The leader of the group alleges that Erickson used racist and ignorant language when speaking to members of the group. The leader states that:

“Members of The Black Man Stand Up Movement decided to tune that guy up. I’m the founder of the movement and say that’s what he gets. We can have verbal agreements and you can call me racist names. But threaten my kids or my own life or put your hands on any of us and we will answer back in defense. Your buddy Mateo came and started trouble and now wants to cry victim.” He goes on to say that “there were threats to run over and kill people from Trump supporters […] we are NOT Black Lives Matter.”

Matt Erickson has replied to the comments saying that he “called them animals after they stole my phone, sucker-punched me and stole my phone again. Free speech that bothers them is no cause to assault me, anyway.” He denies reports that he threatened anyone.

Lack of police presence was the theme of the night states one eye witness.

Mary Susan, a Donald Trump supporter does not blame the police for the incident last night but called the actions of anti-Trump protesters “vile.”

In an interview with Alpha News, Mary Susan says “the true victims of the protesters were the young children that had to watch.”

She describes the night as “extremely chaotic.” Mary Susan also tells Alpha News that “people were yelling profanities, that they [protesters] used bullhorns and put them about ½ inch from their ears and her ears were still ringing.”

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Protesters also reacted violently at the doors. Mary Susan states that one of her friends was kicked in the back, many were spit on, protesters were throwing liquids at them, shoving and punching Trump supporters and donors.

She even heard that one elderly couple in their 70’s were “pushed down and trampled on.” When they apparently tried to file a police report, they were turned away.

Stories on Facebook with similar stories and sentiments were shared. One woman in her mid 60’s describes the lack of help from police officers and media as she was manhandled by anti-Trump protesters.

She credits a lone Minneapolis Convention Center security guard as being the one to help her against protesters. This same security guard can be seen on multiple videos posted on Twitter and Facebook trying to help supporters and donors into the building while keeping protesters at bay.

The Minneapolis Police Department has not returned Alpha News’ request for comment on Friday night’s events.

Once again, local media has failed to tell the whole story of what really occurred Friday night. The Star Tribune paid very little attention calling the protesters “unruly” and mentioned once or twice that “fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the convention center.”

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Preya Samsundar

Preya Samsundar was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. She graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities this Spring with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology, with a minor in Strategic Communications. Preya has previously worked on several State Campaign Races.