Tyler Kistner runs 100 miles through Second District because ‘every town matters’

"Because real leadership is about doing, not just saying."

Image from Twitter via @KistnerCongress

U.S. congressional candidate Tyler Kistner is meeting supporters during his “Every Town Matters” run.

Marine veteran Kistner’s latest campaign move involves running 100 miles through Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. Along the way, he is holding rallies, hosting nightly events, meeting with constituents, and having conversations with small business owners about how to revitalize the economy.

“Running through this small town and seeing all the small businesses shut down because of the failed Democratic leadership — that’s what’s causing me to run,” said Kistner during a stop in Red Wing. “I’m running for Congress to help out the small businesses, and fight for the families, and make sure that we’re driving towards greater prosperity to rebuild this economy and make sure we’re always putting Americans first. God bless you, and see you on the trail.”

Kistner began the run Friday with a stop in Lakeville and will conclude this Saturday with an event at his campaign office in Burnsville. 

While on his run, Kistner is talking with families about their priorities and issues, as well as talking with communities about how to keep their families safe.

In a video on Twitter, Kistner said he “got to meet with a lot of great small business owners and hear from them on the issues and priorities they’re facing.” 

Kistner started his run on Sept. 10 and completed 40 miles in only four days. He has talked to constituents in more than 20 cities. Though he’s more than halfway through, Kistner is still holding three more rallies before completing the 100 miles.

“Because real leadership is about doing, not just saying,” said Kistner while jogging alongside one of his supporters. 

Along with meeting voters, Kistner has met up with Minnesota office-holders along the way, including State Sen. Eric Pratt and State Rep. Tony Albright.

“It’s been a great time stopping in a lot of small businesses and continuing to talk to them, as well as a lot of local constituents … it’s the same thing: rebuild the economy, keep our communities safe, and we are backing the blue. God bless all of you,” said Kistner. 


Judah Torgerud

Judah Torgerud is a freelance journalist working with Alpha News to keep the people informed and bring the truth to light. Contact him at whqnu@nycunarjfza.pbz.