Walz launches reelection bid, sticks with ‘One Minnesota’ slogan

Peggy Flanagan will be joining Walz on the ticket.

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan announce their campaign for reelection. (Tim Walz for Governor/YouTube)

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz plans to seek a second term as Minnesota’s governor, he announced Tuesday morning.

Peggy Flanagan will be joining Walz on the ticket, despite rumors that the progressive lieutenant governor was thinking of moving on.

Walz is sticking with his “One Minnesota” mantra, according to the campaign ad he released Tuesday.

This slogan has been relentlessly mocked by Walz’s Republican opponents, who note that the governor has presided over one of the most destructive and divisive periods in Minnesota history.

“Tim Walz’s ‘One Minnesota’ mantra is not an appeal for unity; it is a cover for a coercive, one-size-fits-all approach to governing through more regulation and a bigger bite by government out of hard-working Minnesotans’ paychecks,” said Sen. Paul Gazelka, who is seeking the Republican endorsement for governor.

The former Senate majority leader said Walz has “consistently shown weakness and hesitation in the face of lawlessness and rising crime.”

“He is failing to be the independent voice Minnesota needs during one of our most violent years,” added Dr. Scott Jensen, a former state senator who is also seeking the GOP endorsement. “He continues to break his pledge of ‘One Minnesota’ by pitting Minnesotans against each other.”

Jensen also criticized Walz for hosting his kickoff event in a “virtual setting,” even though he has recently held “in-person fundraising events with his wealthy friends.”

Republican hopeful Michelle Benson, a current state senator, said Walz’s vision of “One Minnesota” was “nothing but an empty promise.”

“Instead, he has brought to St. Paul a divisive Washington D.C. style attitude from his days in Congress,” she said. “In my travels across the state, I continuously hear from Minnesotans that feel unheard and ignored by their governor.”

Other Republicans seeking to challenge Walz in the general election include Dr. Neil Shah, businessman Mike Marti, and Mayor Mike Murphy.

Walz’s approval rating dropped to 49% last month, down eight points from last year. He cruised to victory in 2018 over Republican Jeff Johnson and has the advantage of the GOP’s 15-year statewide losing streak on his side.


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