Woman jailed for violating Walz orders announces Minnesota Senate bid

After serving two-thirds of her 90-day sentence, Hanson was released earlier this month.

Lisa Hanson, jailed for violating COVID-19 orders, announced her candidacy for Minnesota Senate this week. (Lisa Hanson for Senate/Facebook)

A small business owner who served jail time after defying Gov. Tim Walz’s emergency orders is now running for state Senate.

Lisa Hanson, who owned a now-closed wine and coffee bistro called “The Interchange,” announced her Senate bid in a Thursday afternoon Facebook post.

“I am Lisa Hanson, a wife, mother, grandmother, and 25 year businesswoman in Freeborn Co. My life was forever changed when I stood against Governor Tim Walz’s unconstitutional and fraudulently issued executive orders to keep my business open to serve the people of our community,” she wrote.

In November 2020 Walz had ordered the closure of all Minnesota bars and restaurants as COVID cases and deaths skyrocketed across the country. But Hanson defiantly remained open while many others obeyed the governor’s edict. She was subsequently arrested and sentenced to 90 days in jail with a $1,000 fine. Judge Joseph Bueltel made no bones about the fact that he wanted to make an example out of Hanson.

After serving two-thirds of her 90-day sentence, Hanson was released earlier this month. She had missed Christmas with her family, the birth of her 10th grandchild, and her anniversary with husband Vern.

“Known as the Patriot Princess, I stand as the relentless voice against lawless lockdowns and lawless exercise of power,” she continued in her statement. “I know firsthand of corruption in all three branches of our government aimed at the erosion of our fundamental rights. At the whim of tyrannical leaders I was dragged through court, abusively fined, and thrown in jail.

“As your senator in district 23, I will boldly advocate to restore the Rule of Law and to return our government to the People. My commitment proven. My stand for the People demonstrated,” she added.


Evan Stambaugh

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