Woman who thought her daughter was a demon and killed her ruled unfit to stand trial

A Minnesota woman allegedly beat her daughter to death, believing the child was a demon. She has now been ruled unfit to stand trial.

Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed/Washington County Jail

A mother who allegedly beat her daughter to death in Minnesota has been deemed unable to stand trial.

Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed is a 32-year-old resident of Woodbury, Minnesota, who allegedly beat her own five-year-old daughter to death. The beating reportedly took place in May; the child died in June. Mohamed was apparently motivated to kill her daughter, known to the public only as K.A., because she thought the child might be “the devil or a demon,” according to police documents.

Now, Mohamed has been ruled “not competent to proceed” with her trial based on an assessment by Dr. Cole Blunt, who was put in charge of evaluating her mental state.

“A defendant is incompetent and must not plead, be tried, or be sentenced if the defendant due to mental illness or cognitive impairment lacks ability to: (a) rationally consult with counsel; or (b) understand the proceedings or participate in the defense,” Minnesota’s court rules state.

Court records state that Mohamed “refused to come out of her jail cell” for a hearing on her ability to stand trial. They also note that Dr. Blunt “was unable to complete his Rule 20.02 Report because Defendant refused to participate in the examination.”

Presently, she faces one count of second-degree murder and an assault charge.

Mohamed has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and told investigators that she was hallucinating, paranoid and not taking her medication leading up to the incident that left her child in a pool of blood on May 25.

She was quickly taken into custody after the child was discovered. Her six-year-old son was also taken to the hospital with what appeared to be a broken arm. He told police that Mohamed beat him and his sister with a “gray cylinder approximately 12 inches long” that she stored in her closet and had used to abuse the children on many previous occasions, per a police report.

The state plans to file a motion to have Mohamed civilly committed and her ability to stand trial will be reevaluated in six months.


Kyle Hooten

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