50,000+ Emails Asking for Reopening Sent to MN Governor

"Minnesotans are simply asking the Walz administration to trust them to protect their own health and safety."

Photo by Skitterphoto
Photo by Skitterphoto

Over 50,000 emails have been sent to state leaders from Minnesotans using the petition site Back2WorkMN.com which was started by Center of the American Experiment

Back2WorkMN.com is a website where concerned citizens can sign up and add their voice to the others that have called for Governor Walz to reopen the economy from the Covid-19 shutdown. They can use the site to send a prewritten email to state leaders, including Governor Walz. 

“Minnesotans are simply asking the Walz administration to trust them to protect their own health and safety. It’s a mystery why certain businesses and workers are trusted to operate safely by following health guidance, but others aren’t given the same opportunity. The administration achieved its stated goals with the stay-home order. Now it’s time to reopen,” said John Hinderaker, president of the Center of the American Experiment.

Another very recent effort to show people’s discontent with Governor Walz’s decision was the protest that occurred outside of his mansion on May 14th. The attendees were there to protest the closure of Minnesota’s businesses and did so by waving flags, holding up posters, and throwing beach balls over his fence.




The email sent out says that the forced closure of businesses has negatively affected mental health, businesses, caused the loss of livelihoods, and the Minnesota economy. It also says that families and communities depend on the economy being allowed to reopen.

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