American dream ‘only dead in people’s hearts,’ says owner of Minnesota’s Trump stores

"It all started with Derrick’s truck and a dream."

One of Derek Allen's Trump shops in Winona, Minnesota.

Derek Allen, from Mound, Minnesota, started out with only a “truck and a dream,” but in the course of about five years he has created a nationwide chain of stores selling Trump merchandise.

Allen, who said he wanted Trump to be president as early as 2012, started his business in 2015 when he began attending Trump rallies and selling merchandise out of his truck. He now owns 29 storefronts across the country, 25 of which are in Minnesota.

“Good things happen to good people,” said Allen. “All they’ve got to do is get up and put their best foot forward every day, and show effort every day, and they will get ahead.”

Allen started the business with very little money but became successful by using the skills he gained from selling merchandise at sporting events. Now, not only does Allen have 25 stores in his home state of Minnesota, but also in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Illinois, with more on the way.

With thousands of customers a week across his many stores and website, Allen has enlisted the help of his brother, Donovan Allen, and a friend, Kevin Einafshar, to help with the operational side of the business.

“We’re literally going to turn Minnesota red,” said Einafshar in an interview with Alpha News. “Dreams only work as hard as you make them work.”

“The levels of success are only achieved by the levels that you choose to achieve,” added Donovan.

While Derek is an avid Trump supporter, his stores were not created only to support the president. In addition to assisting Trump’s campaign, he wanted to show that the American dream is not dead. 

“It’s only dead in people’s hearts,” he said. 

When asked if President Trump’s campaign has received any of the money from the success, Derek said, “not even a penny.”

“It all started with Derek’s truck and a dream,” noted Kevin. “We thank God every day.”


Judah Torgerud

Judah Torgerud is a freelance journalist working with Alpha News to keep the people informed and bring the truth to light. Contact him at whqnu@nycunarjfza.pbz.