Anti-police band finds stolen van after filing police report

"There are no other options" the band wrote, justifying their decision to call the police.

Gully Boys/Twitter

An anti-police band from Minneapolis was quick to file a police report after their van full of equipment was stolen near Powderhorn Park.

The Gully Boys band is an all-female rock trio that describes themselves as a “queer boy band.” The group boasts about their “rejection of gender” and using their music and social media presence “as a base for resource sharing against white supremacy.” They’re also staunchly anti-police, with one band member including the “ACAB” acronym in her Twitter bio.

However, after their touring van that contained a substantial amount of musical equipment was stolen from the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis over the weekend, the band filed a police report, according to their Twitter.

“There are no other options,” the band wrote, justifying their decision to call the cops. “[We] would love if there was a department of public safety that would handle these claims instead of MPD,” they added.

While the Gully Boys bemoaned having to call the cops, it seems to have worked, as they announced that they received word that their van was found Tuesday. “THE VAN HAS BEEN FOUND YALL!” they posted.

However, this good news was quickly dampened, as the Gully Boys discovered that their equipment was still missing, replaced by “lawn care gear.” The van was also totaled, since the cost of repairing a broken window and the damage associated with hotwiring costs more than the vehicle itself.

Despite this setback, they played a show with borrowed equipment on Tuesday night.

Just a few months ago, the Gully Boys accused Minneapolis of fighting “a war with its civilians” as police worked to contain the Daunte Wright riots. During that unrest, they also said police “terrorized” protesters who tried to push over a crowd control fence outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department after leaving “kill cops” graffiti and taunting officers with a decapitated pig head on a stick.

The Gully Boys have also advocated a gambit of other leftist causes, celebrating when former President Donald Trump contracted coronavirus and complaining that “fat black femmes” aren’t represented enough in rock music.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.