Minneapolis woman arrested for stabbing, does it again 12 days later

Minneapolis woman allegedly stabs man, is arrested, is released, stabs woman 12 days later, is arrested, and is now free again.

Jewlese Maxine Floyd/Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office

A Minneapolis woman allegedly stabbed a man and was back on the streets to do it again just 12 days later.

Jewlese Maxine Floyd was quickly taken into custody after knifing a man at a light rail platform in Minneapolis on Aug. 5. After being released, she went on to stab a 68-year-old woman “approximately 15 times” in a hospital parking lot on Aug. 17, per a criminal complaint.

Judge Richard H. Kyle/Minnesota Judicial Branch

Floyd has since been released on bail for a second time by Ramsey County District Judge Richard Kyle. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 1.

Floyd’s first reported victim sustained injuries to his face after she attacked him from behind with a knife. Metro Transit police found the man bleeding at the Nicollet Avenue light rail station and arrested Floyd immediately.

Her most recent alleged victim was waiting in her car outside Regions Hospital at about 1:45 p.m. while her husband underwent a procedure inside. The victim was not allowed into the building because of COVID-19 regulations.

As she waited, the victim was approached by Floyd who “mumbled something and then began to stab her,” according to police. The victim sustained “multiple stab wounds to her upper chest, abdomen and forearms,” according to the criminal complaint.

“Medical records indicate that one of the stabs penetrated GMC’s abdominal cavity,” reads the complaint. This wound warranted surgical treatment. “The director of Regions Hospital trauma services reported to officers that in his view, the injuries suffered by GMC qualified as substantial bodily harm,” the document continues.

A heroic bystander disarmed Floyd after she stabbed the elderly woman at the hospital. This man later approached the responding officers and turned over the weapon, explaining that he was at the hospital waiting to undergo an operation, watched the assault transpire and then followed Floyd, taking away her knife to prevent further bloodshed.

Floyd is not the only Twin Cities criminal who was recently arrested, released and went on to quickly reoffend. A man accused of 13 burglaries was freed ahead of his trial and is now accused of perpetrating 18 more burglaries.


Kyle Hooten

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