CD2 Congressional Race: Craig Up 5 Over Lewis

Photo credit: SWC Bulletin

A new poll from KSTP and SurveyUSA has found that Democrat Angie Craig has a slight advantage over Republican Jason Lewis in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District race.

CD2 is one of the state’s most highly profiled races, with Craig and former radio show host Lewis duking it out for the seat currently held by Rep. John Kline, a Republican.  Kline was first elected to congress in 2002 and was re-elected for seven terms.  His most recent victory came in 2014 with 56% of the vote.

According to KSTP-TV’s poll, conducted exclusively in the Twin Cities by SurveyUSA, Craig holds a slight advantage at 46% with Lewis at 41%, and 12% of voters undecided. Lewis has the edge among middle-aged voters, however, Craig leads among younger and older voters. Among the genders, Lewis leads with men, but Craig leads with women.

Craig has the advantage among voters whose main focus for this election is the economy.  She also leads Lewis among independents, moderates, lower-income voters, middle-income voters, high-school educated voters and voters with a 4-year college degree.  Lewis trounces Craig among voters who say the most important issue is terrorism with a 33 point lead. Both candidates are even among the district’s affluent voters.

This poll also shows that  Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton carries Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District by 8 points over Republican Donald Trump, 44% to 36%. Among Trump supporters, 89% support Lewis. Among Clinton supporters, 88% support Craig.

The most important issue for CD2 voters in the poll are: Economy (29%), Terrorism and National Security (18%), Health Care (15%) and Taxes (12%).  When asked what should be done to address rapidly rising health insurance rates, 43% of those polled answered “Repeal the Affordable Health Care Act” and only 13% supported Government-run or Universal Health Care.

According to KSTP, SurveyUSA interviewed 650 registered voters via telephone in CD2 from October 13th through October 16th, using a voter list sample.


Donna Azarian