Co-chair of Qualls campaign calls herself ‘pro-choice’

Michele Tafoya retired from sideline reporting following NBC's coverage of the Super Bowl.

Michele Tafoya appears on The View in November. (The View/YouTube)

The new co-chair of Kendall Qualls’ gubernatorial campaign openly refers to herself as “pro-choice.”

Michele Tafoya, who retired from sideline reporting following NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl, is now making a serious foray into Republican politics by becoming the co-chair of Qualls’ campaign.

She has publicly acknowledged, however, that she considers herself more of a “libertarian” conservative.

“I’m most conservative when it comes to I prefer a smaller government and I’d prefer a lot less of our tax dollars being spent the way that they are. But I remain pro-choice,” she told Richard Deitsch of The Athletic.

“In a lot of ways, I think there are a lot of choices that should be left up to individuals and not instituted or not forced upon us by a government that we elect, unless we elect them because we want them to make that choice for us. I just don’t think government is about making choices for us in our personal lives. I really don’t. So if that clears it up, then I think it’s probably libertarian,” she added.

And in a 2015 interview with Sports Illustrated, Tafoya called herself a “conservative person” but qualified that by adding “I have some definite libertarian strains.”

“I think it surprises people when I say I am a pro-choice conservative, but that is the best way to describe myself,” she said.

Tafoya’s decision to enter politics is not much of a surprise, as she has made headlines in the past for her political remarks and was rumored to be departing NBC for some time. Most notably she caused a stir when she co-hosted “The View” in November. She defended the unvaccinated, blasted critical race theory (CRT), and argued that free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t receiving opportunities to play in the NFL because he’s not good enough, not because of his social justice activism.

Tafoya said she was “honored” to be named co-chair of Qualls’ campaign.

“After taking a step back from the sports broadcasting world, I’m honored that my next phase involves supporting Kendall in his run for Governor of Minnesota,” she said. “Kendall has a clear message that resonates with the issues Minnesotans are facing under the current administration. He’s smart and with his background and work ethic, I’m positive that he’s exactly what Minnesota needs in its next governor.”

Alpha News asked Qualls for comment on Tafoya’s “pro-choice” position, and the gubernatorial candidate responded with the following statement:

“I am 100% pro-life. Anyone who thinks that’s diminished because of Michele’s support is an envious political hack and engaging in the same cancel-culture games of the Left. We need to bring more conservatives into our party and Michele Tafoya is going to be a fantastic co-chair of my campaign as we bring an outsider mentality to taking back our freedoms and fixing our rampant crime crisis.”


Evan Stambaugh

Evan Stambaugh is a freelance writer who had previously been a sports blogger. He has a BA in theology and an MA in philosophy.