Commentary: Will Democrats finally acknowledge they’re failing Americans?

Even when their own party acknowledges the need for changes, Team Biden does not replace failing team members, nor take crime, inflation, or the border seriously. 

President Joe Biden takes a call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office. (White House/Flickr)

When Democrats fail, or find their approval numbers dwindling, they rarely take responsibility; they blame you. You, my friends, don’t appreciate their noble intentions or understand their wonderful messaging. You are the problem, you ungrateful moron.

In the real world, President Joe Biden and his vice president’s job approval numbers are basically down to only immediate family members, not because the unsophisticated rubes do not understand news like the hyper-educated oat milk-sipping elites.

Even when their own party acknowledges the need for changes, Team Biden does not replace failing team members, nor take crime, inflation, or the border seriously.

When Glenn Youngkin shocks the country with a gubernatorial triumph in a blue state that Biden won by double figures exactly one year prior, they do not reflect and triangulate.

Despite relatively low unemployment, regular families see grocery bills and gas prices soar, along with draconian anti-science edicts, and mask-wearing hypocrisy. They know which party pushes the aforementioned and holds power.

The risible CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci play partisan games and refuse to adjust to current reality, even as Democrat governors lift mask mandates in California, Colorado, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere.

Yet we continue to mandate mask-wearing by low-risk children?

Republicans, on the other hand, support common sense, freedom, and recoil from the child abuse we’ve seen inside our public schools.

When pushback comes from voters in the most left-wing city in America, Democrats might want to wake up.

Another misstep is a reliance on issue polling. Biden continued last week to push the failed “Build Back Better” legislation. Why? Democrats claim that polls showed support for the profligate social welfare bill and thus inexplicably believe they can still pressure senators to sign on.

Sure, most people naively support ideas like “free” college, childcare, and monthly cash payments. But this is aspirational crap and not appealing in the long term to swing voters. Violent crime and public safety are urgent matters, even if Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki appallingly denies life-and-death reality for political gain.

So it ain’t the left’s current messaging; it is their radicalism and sanctimony toward people that’s causing them to lose voters. And arguing about messaging is condescending, since it presumes that voters don’t have the intellectual capacity to appreciate the beauty of what those compassionate Democrats offered them.

The evidence, however, shows the left is panicking — they’re now up to 30 U.S. House retirements — because they realize voters rightly deem the party preachy and judgmental.

That shortfall cannot simply be fixed by better “messaging.”


A.J. Kaufman

A.J. Kaufman is an Alpha News columnist. His work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Florida Sun-Sentinel, Indianapolis Star, Israel National News, Orange County Register, St. Cloud Times, Star-Tribune, and across AIM Media Midwest and the Internet. Kaufman previously worked as a school teacher and military historian.