Democrat volunteer found guilty after trafficking three ballots in Minneapolis

The brother-in-law of a Minnesota legislator has been convicted after it came to light that he illegally abused an absentee voting rule, trafficking three ballots.

Sen. Omar Fateh, right, talks with a colleague on the Senate floor. (Minnesota Senate/Facebook)

Democrat campaign volunteer Muse Mohamud Mohamed was found guilty of lying to a grand jury after it was revealed that he abused an absentee ballot delivery rule.

Minnesota voters who are “unable to go to the polling place due to incapacitating health reasons or a disability” can take advantage of a system called “agent delivery,” per state election rules. One important stipulation of this rule is that agents and their voters must “have a pre-existing relationship.” Mohamed was found guilty earlier this week of lying about three ballots for which he was the agent. Contrary to previous statements he made to a grand jury, he did not know the voters whose ballots he handled.

The false statements Mohamed made to the jury came after he was subpoenaed to testify about a use of agent delivery during the Aug. 11, 2020 primary election. He told the jury that he received three absentee ballots directly from voters, acting rightly as an agent.

“The voters, however, testified that they do not know Mohamed and did not ask him to pick up and deliver absentee ballots for them,” per the DOJ.

At the trial resulting in his conviction, Mohamed apparently maintained his innocence. “I testified before, and I told the truth,” he said, according to Sahan Journal.

Mohamed is the brother-in-law of Minnesota Sen. Omar Fateh, whose campaign he volunteered for. It also appears that Mohamed trafficked ballots in Fateh’s district — federal prosecutors included a map of Senate District 62 in their trial exhibits. Fateh won his primary in District 62 by just under 2,000 votes, replacing incumbent Democrat Jeff Hayden.

Prior to the primary, Hayden had raised concerns about the endorsement process.

“This process has been very flawed,” Hayden, a two-term legislator, observed just after he lost the party endorsement to Fateh. He told Sahan Journal that his campaign examined a sample of delegates who voted but could not determine if they actually lived in the district or not. “I’m really, really concerned about voter integrity,” he said at the time in a departure from the mainstream Democrat narrative that dismisses most claims of election fraud.

Deepening the connection between Fateh and Mohamed: Mohamed even lived at an address also registered to Kaltum Mohamed — Fateh’s wife. DFL-endorsed Senate candidate Zaynab Mohamed, who is heavily favored to win her ongoing race, also lives there currently, per the Minnesota Reformer.

“Every allegation of voter irregularity is a serious matter,” a group of Democrat state legislators headed by Senate Leader Melisa López Franzen said after Mohamed’s conviction.

Mohamed has not been charged with any election-related crimes. His only crime was lying to the grand jury, claiming that he did not commit an election crime.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.