Drag queen twerks for tips from toddlers at Bloomington Pride 

Some protesters walked through the event with a crucifix while praying the rosary.

A drag queen in a leotard accepts tips from young children at Bloomington Pride. (Lucaj Groppoli/Facebook)

Bloomington’s first-ever gay pride festival was open to all ages and featured a male drag queen with no pants on who danced for tips from children.

Controversy surrounded the event after it was discovered that one of the drag queens who was booked for an “all-ages” performance stars in gay pornography and worships Satan.

Drag queen Martina Marraccino, who also performs under the name Adam Divine, was originally scheduled to perform a “story hour and show” for children at the Saturday event.

Concerned residents discovered that a Twitter profile belonging to Divine consists of “nearly 100% gay pornography.”

Bloomington officials said they canceled Marraccino’s performance, but he apparently showed up and performed anyway, according to pictures and videos posted online.

Another video from the event captured a different drag queen in a leotard accepting tips from young children.

The festival drew a crowd of protesters who gathered across the street from Bloomington City Hall to express their opposition to the use of taxpayer money for an ideological event. They also believe it was inappropriate of city leaders to expose children to overly-sexualized performances.

According to one video posted online, some protesters walked through the event with a crucifix while praying the rosary.

Becky Strohmeier, a concerned resident with the Bloomington Patriots group, believes Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse and City Manager Jamie Verbrugge lied about Marraccino’s involvement in the festival. The two previously said Marraccino would not be performing at the event but pictures and videos online show him posing with children in full drag and dancing for a crowd.

A fan poses with drag queen and porn start Martina Marraccino at Bloomington Pride. (Martina Marraccino/Facebook)

“These people are disgusting liars,” Strohmeier said of the city’s leaders. “We’re totally disgusted by it all.”


Anthony Gockowski

Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and wrote for the Daily Caller.