Joe Walsh on the future of Never Trumpers and the GOP

"Most Americans are right here, they want to get stuff done, common-sense solutions to our problems, they’re tired of both extremes.”

Image taken from interview with Joe Walsh

During an interview with Alpha News, Joe Walsh, a former congressman and presidential candidate, spoke about his views on the future of the GOP and Never Trumpers.

Formerly a lifelong republican, Walsh became a Never Trumper in 2018 and then ran against the president in 2020. Now, Walsh hosts a conservative, anti-Trump radio show called The Joe Walsh Show.

In an exclusive interview with Alpha News, Walsh shared that even though Trump lost, he still has no plans to rejoin the GOP and believes Republicans who supported Trump are beyond redemption.

“Look, I’m a lifelong Republican, I left the party eight months ago, I’m done, I’ll never go back,” Walsh said. “I don’t think I’m alone.”

“Here’s the deal, I think this two-party duopoly that has dominated American politics for 166 years, I think it’s breaking up. I think eventually you’re going to see a third, viable party somewhere in the middle,” said Walsh.

“Most Americans are right here, they want to get stuff done, common-sense solutions to our problems, they’re tired of both extremes.”

Walsh said that while it is difficult to start a third party, Americans who are dissatisfied with both Republicans and Democrats could end up becoming the voting block of a third party.

“But here’s the cool thing about where we are right now, people are pissed off, there’s a huge constituency out there for this. In my lifetime, Judah, I’ve never seen it like this. So the constituency is there, that’s where it’s going to come from.”

“And again, part of this coalition will be people who are kind of tired of politics, tired of the extremes. ‘Oh my God, well here’s something kind of cool.’ I think they’ll come on board.”

While the former congressman has said the Republican Party is not strong enough to win another presidential bid due to the number of people leaving the GOP, he believes that Republicans still have a “promising future” on a more regional level.

“I think that the new Trumpy party, which is what the Republican Party is, they can thrive on a regional basis. I mean they will dominate older, white voters, rural America, the exurbs just outside of the suburbs. The Trump party will dominate those areas, and people like the MyPillow guy and all of these other Trump grifters, they still have a promising future.”

During the interview, Walsh said that Republicans who supported Trump will not be able to win back the support of Never Trumpers, saying that even if they renounced their support of Trump, they’ve missed the deadline of Nov. 3.

“This is different than where you stand on taxes and border policy,” stated Walsh.

“It’s like the new dividing line and it’s permanent. If you supported this person, who was unfit, then no, you can never, ever, ever walk that back. In my mind, and in the minds of a lot of conservatives.”

“I think we’re really kind of having a real gut-check time about what it means to be an American. This is going to be a rocky road for a while,” said Walsh.

Despite his feelings about the Republican Party, Walsh still says he is optimistic about America.

“This is an exciting time in the history of this great, good, decent country … a lot more people are engaged and informed. That’s a damn good thing. I don’t know how it’s all going to shake out, but the American people are more involved now, that’s a good thing. Young people, people your age, Judah, man, I could die tomorrow and I’ve got great faith that you all are going to carry the baton to whatever America looks like in a hundred years, you’re going to make it look better.”

You can view the full interview by clicking here, or by watching it below.


Judah Torgerud

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